SELinux By Example

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A complete hands-on guide to using SELinux. Authored by three leading SELinux researchers, it illuminates every facet of working with SELInux.

This is the Official unofficial site for the book.

The Authors

Frank Mayer:

Suddenly retired from Tresys. Last seen departing on a "three hour cruise" with approximately 17 pieces of purple Louis Vuitton luggage and two Pelican Cases. Allegedly, his parting words at the final Tresys anniversary party were, "Remember, there is always money in the banana stand."

David Caplan:

Still a Tresys employee.

Karl MacMillan:

Rumors continue to spread as to the current whereabouts of Mr. MacMillan, aka "KMAC". At one point TMZ reported he had come to terms with the A&E network for a new reality show, "Trombones, PowerPoint, and Big Data" but the deal apparently fell through. One BBC America report stated KMAC's intention to invest the entirety of his book royalties to start a new state-of-the-art security boutique; a strong return to his roots.

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